Disney posters by Tom Whalen


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Some more of my gender bend, this time, of Pocahontas and Cruella from 101 dalmatians  and I did some progress shots^_^ Please reblog from me if you want to share ! thank you ! I’m really getting tired of people posting my stuff without credit >__<….

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See the progress shot of the 101 dalmatian here

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The Brooklyn Navy Yard Book John Bartelstone

New York City’s largest and oldest industrial facility, the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard occupies 250-acres on the East River between the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges, and is presently one of New York City’s major industrial sites. One of the last remnants of Brooklyn’s industrial supremacy, the Yard has experienced tremendous change: functioning from the age of wind to that of diesel. As a cradle of naval evolution, the Yard has had to reinvent itself constantly, and this is made evident by the presence of buildings and structures spanning from the 1830s to the 1950s. The Navy Yard was shut down in 1966 and reopened again in 1971 when the City of New York bought it with the intention of redevelopment. Great ships are still repaired there, and the Yard, now an industrial park with a variety of manufacturers and light industries, functions as a refuge from a city that has mostly forgotten that a mixed economy is a key to its survival.”


Artist Isaac Salazar takes outdated text books and cast-off hardcovers and turns them into gorgeous handmade sculptures.


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